Paris In Motion

Paris In Motion (Part I) from Mayeul Akpovi on Vimeo.


Holiday Cookies

I made these beautiful and delicious cookies for friends during the holiday.



Check out the how to hear, from CHOW:

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Vampires Beware! Planting Garlic

Dan and I stopped by one of our favorite places in Asheville, Small Terrain, and picked up a couple heads of garlic. We’re planting “California Early” a softneck variety. They’re organic and from Sow True Seed.

This plate measures about 5″ across.

I went home and planted several of them and am giving the rest to friends and neighbors.  Although we’ve experienced the thrill and pain of harvesting over 12,000 heads of garlic! we have yet to plant any ourselves. (Seriously over 12,000! We’ll never forget that “Garlic Fest” at Birdsfoot Farm in Canton, NY.) As always, we’re very excited about planting our little seedlings, nurturing and waiting for them to grow. This is where our parenting energies are directed sans children.

We’re going to try out a few inside and outside. We’ll see how they all fare.

P.S. LOVE this watering can! 13 bucks at Small Terrain

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“Soda Tax”

Love the satire

Asheville Etsy Street Team

My crochet bezel necklace was a listing featured on the Asheville Etsy Street Team blog.

Check it out and other great WNC artists’ work here:

Stitch Rock 2012!

I am a vendor the the 2012 indie craft fair STITCH ROCK in Delray Beach, FL!

I went last year as a shopper and am very excited to be showcasing and selling my wares.

This is my new banner I came up with for the special occasion.

Click it to check out the list of other vendors for the show.

Only a month away! And of course, I have a lot to do before then. Gotta finish up some projects, get packaging ready, swag ready and decide on my displays. I love lists…they help me stay focused and organized. I’m coming up with more ideas as I go. I working really hard to not follow through on all of them…trying to write them down for future projects.

Crochet Bezel Charm Necklace

This is a new product I’ve been working on. Creating a bezel with fiber (embroider thread to be exact). I start with a granny square and then encase the object (a ceramic tile in this case) by decreasing the round.






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Mario Paper

I really enjoyed this paper animation short. Hope you enjoy!