Monthly Archives: July 2011

Taking an etsy seller vacation

Goodbye Truth or Consequences

We’re on the road, leaving TorC. Not to the Pacific NW as we had planned. Instead we’re heading back east. First to Knoxville, TN to see a knot tied. Our final destination: Vermont. We’ve decided to be closer to family and although North Carolina/Tennessee area would be the midpoint between the two we’ve decided to head a little further north. Don’t think this is a reflection of you Merks,  the Blacks just happen to be geographically closer to where we think our needs can be satisfied; less development, future climate, working towards shutting down Yankee nuclear plant, single payer healthcare, Bernie Sanders. Our eyes are set there, but who knows maybe Maine is calling our name, or perhaps Nova Scotia. Anyway, east coast here we come.

I’m now on etsy seller vacation. During this time I will be rethinking the role of DARNEDideas in my life. It’s not an end, just a refiguring. I love what I’ve done up to this point in regards to my concept, materials, acquisition, and learning/developing my skills. Now I need to rethink how I will be creating and selling without it taking up so much time and space. Priority is, and has been, finding land and figuring out what we’ll be doing there.