Who doesn’t like some button earrings?

Here are some button stud earrings I made.

I think they’re fun and jazz up any outfit. Sometimes they give you a reason to put up your hair!

Click on one of the picks to check them out on Etsy.

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The Avett Brothers – Head Full of Doubt, Road Full of Promise

Sips, “sharing stories on the go”

Dan and I learned about a very cool project just taking off called “Sips”, an online publication “run by artists, for artists.”

It’s a quarterly that publishes several short stories and poems. The idea is to be able to enjoy a FREE short story or poem while sipping a cup of coffee. All you need is a device that can read a QR code and a bit of time to enjoy fresh work from independent artists. Here’s a video on how it works:

We met the faces behind the publication, Kristin and Tim, who explained the concept, the action and how to be a part of it. It costs $5 to submit 2 short stories, $3 to submit 2 poems.

I think this is a great idea for both artists and the public: it’s accessible to both. Free and convenient is language favored by the public. Everyone loves their little tech devices! So it’s pretty great that Sips is creating this supportive community through the use of the QR barcodes. It’s nice to see such codes link to art and books and not just another coupon to big box stores. It also feels like a wonderful and accessible opportunity for artists to venture into publication and exposure while not risking much monetarily. Sips also strives to give feedback to the submissions that are finalists; news that’s difficult to hear but the notes welcomed.

Learn more about the publication and read a something at the Sips website: http://sipscard.com/



Fiber Storage Idea

My solution to fiber storage for my craft space.

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Seriously an easy recipe.

Upcycled Necktie Necklaces

First, let me say that there seem to be so many different styles of ties in existence. That is one of my favorite areas to venture in the thrift store is the men’s section for ties. I don’t remember where I first saw a manipulated necktie necklace, but I was totally inspired to use some of the ties I had been hoarding.  And voila, here are some of the upcycled necktie necklaces.

I have to say how much I adore these necklaces! While at my recent craft fair, I had several interested people try a few of them on. It is well worth it. First, to show them how easy it is to put on. Secondly, to see how wonderful they look on people! What I loved the most was that everyone who tried them on, had a certain style and color that suited them. They weren’t universal. So, not only does no one have one just like you, but only you can pull certain ones off.

Taking an etsy seller vacation

Goodbye Truth or Consequences

We’re on the road, leaving TorC. Not to the Pacific NW as we had planned. Instead we’re heading back east. First to Knoxville, TN to see a knot tied. Our final destination: Vermont. We’ve decided to be closer to family and although North Carolina/Tennessee area would be the midpoint between the two we’ve decided to head a little further north. Don’t think this is a reflection of you Merks,  the Blacks just happen to be geographically closer to where we think our needs can be satisfied; less development, future climate, working towards shutting down Yankee nuclear plant, single payer healthcare, Bernie Sanders. Our eyes are set there, but who knows maybe Maine is calling our name, or perhaps Nova Scotia. Anyway, east coast here we come.

I’m now on etsy seller vacation. During this time I will be rethinking the role of DARNEDideas in my life. It’s not an end, just a refiguring. I love what I’ve done up to this point in regards to my concept, materials, acquisition, and learning/developing my skills. Now I need to rethink how I will be creating and selling without it taking up so much time and space. Priority is, and has been, finding land and figuring out what we’ll be doing there.

Featured in Love2Upcycle’s Meet & Greet!

Check out my interview at Love2Upcycle’s Meet & Greet.

I hope my story inspires us to think about our role and impact on our environment. I don’t think power is something that is given to us. In fact, I think there are  a lot of things at work to keep us dis-empowered and disconnected. I’d love to hear any comments or ideas that came to you while reading the interview.

Thanks Love2Upcycle!


Mr. Fish

Has anyone heard of and/or seen the work of Mr. Fish?

If not, here’s a little taste:

You can find more of his work at ClownCrack.com or Harper’s Magazine.